Stags of the Mountains: You in the A Song of Ice and Fire BROB: With a Bonus!

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Re: Stags of the Mountains: You in the A Song of Ice and Fire BROB: With a Bonus!

Post by Psyckosama on Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:50 am

Brian Boru wrote:Damn.

It happens

I focus myself like I had during the duel at the Gate of the Moon.  I'm going to need every advantage I can.

You manage to succeed. You're not at full ability and they are fleeing. You will not be able to stop them all but you will be able to stop several.

Glance over my shoulder to make sure people are getting out, then I head after the bastards.

You see your sister and myranda about the unharmed, but several friendly valemen and riverlanders alike have fallen this day, along with many of the guests and workers at the in. None were spared. Not even children...


Only one? You sure? Gimme a d10

Gimme a d10


This also gets their attention.  He promises to look at this later but it does intrigue him.

Basically to build more... the one I built took probably didn't take too long to build.

"And architecture?  Where did you have time for this son?"

"You remember what my memory is like. I've read every book in the Eyrie and the Gates of the Moon. Every book."

Princess Arriane THINK you're mouth goes dry when you see her.  Not tall but ye gods she gorgeous....Robert actually chuckles a bit.  "Now that's a woman there son."

"Indeed." I smile, "It is no wonder that the Rhoynar treat their daughters with the same respect as sons. Might be onto something..."

When you finally arrive at the gates the Princess bows, exposing the cleavage that seems common in Dornish dress...and what lovely cleavage it is.

Indeed. I don't not look Wink

She then welcomes you to Sunspear.

I thank her on behalf of my father and myself and generally act very polite and respectful.

She apologizes but her father had already left for the water gardens for his health when it was learned you would arrive soon and her uncle had gone on one of his long treks to gods know where for gods know how long.

I'm never disappointed to meet a beautiful and intelligent woman... though I have a gift for her father and business with her uncle.

She asks if the journey was pleasant.

IT was an adventure. One I'm perfectly willing to tell her all about, should she ask...



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