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Post by GundamChief on Sat Mar 08, 2014 4:20 pm

Name: Elena Wilson
Gender: Female
Rearing: Remnant
Pursuit: Lore Keeper

1 :Muscle
4 :Understanding
2 :Tenacity
4 :Appeal
3 :Nimbleness
2 :Toughness
2 :Senses

Health: 10
Fortune: 5

Skill (Attribute)

1:Athletics* (N,M,t)
:Boat       (N,U,T)
2:Brawl*     (N,M)
:Criminal   (N,U)
1:Drive      (N)
0:Heal       (U)
0:Intimidate (A,M,U)
4:Lore       (U)
1:Melee*     (N,M)
2:Notice*    (S,U)
2:Presuade*  (A,U)
0:Pilot      (N,U)
1:Ride       (N)
1:Savvy      (S,U)
2:Scavange*  (U,S)
2:Science    (S,U)
3:Shoot*     (N,U)
0:Slight     (N)
1:Stealth*   (N,U)
1:Survive    (U,S)
3:Tech       (U,N)
0:Zoofinity  (A,U,T)




Armor Type/Protection

Weapon Att Skl Dam Rng Cap RLD Hands Burst

Handgun = med   3/4      3       8L    short   12/6       1       1         -


Gas Mask
Geiger Counter
Handgun (Fully loaded)
skirt, boots, shirt, coat, Spectacles
Pencils and Pens, Empty record book
Saddle blanket and Harness
3 religious references
3 fashon magazines
3 Fantasy/sci-fi books
3 Scientific references
3 puzzle books
2 Rcok/metal albums
3 Technical References
2 cook books
2 dicitionaries




Muscle 5
Understanding 0
Tenacity 2
Appeal 0
Nimbleness 4
Toughness 4
Senses 2/6/6
Skills: Athletics 2/6 (leaping and running), Brawl 2,
Intimidate 1, Notice 3, Stealth 1
Attacks: Hooves 7N Armor: none Health: 33
Mutations/Abilities: Enduring, Enhanced Sense
(Hearing), Enhanced Sense (Smell), Leaping, Natural
Weapon (Hooves), Night Vision, Swift
Flaws: Selective Diet (Herbivore)

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