You are the Disciple of History's Strongest

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Re: You are the Disciple of History's Strongest

Post by Psyckosama on Thu May 29, 2014 3:51 am

Brian Boru wrote:He gives you a look, "Ah great another one like that."  But there's no malice in his words though you wonder who he's talking about.


Grins all around.


Another nod from Fuurinji and slightly pleased look from Akisame.

And for the money shot...

Like someone ripping the needle from the music of life everything goes utterly still.  Everyone is staring in shock.  Even Shigure falls from the rafters though she rights herself before she hits the ground.

I'm blushing and mutter something about too much information...

Everyone stares at the picture for a long while, except for Miu of course.  She's too busy blushing in a corner.  Finally Akisame mutters, "Dammit Dan, what would mother say if she were here now?"

I blink. "Sibling?"

Anyways I apologize about the semi-mistaken identity. I only was repeating the information I had.

I trail off in awed silence at this vision of beautiful perfection.

She looks aghast. "Are you alright? Oh no, I didn't cause brain damage did I?! I have to get you to a doctor!"

She grabs you by the arm and starts to run... well... you're almost flapping like a flag at this point (ignore the rest, you game me an in for much comedy. Reply to this!)


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Re: You are the Disciple of History's Strongest

Post by Rieverre on Thu May 29, 2014 4:22 am

Brian Boru wrote:Oh you will will see...

Undoubtedly. Magic 8 Ball says there is pain in my future.

"Well there's martial artists if that's what you mean."

OOC:What do you think genius? Razz 

As long as there isn't a tournament arc ...

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Re: You are the Disciple of History's Strongest

Post by WatcherVoid on Fri May 30, 2014 9:07 pm

Brian Boru wrote:Well they asked her to do her best and when she did they all got upset. What did they want her to do!?
" Ah, It's not about what they wanted you to do. I think they for lack of a better term to describe them, they got butthurt over it. It's probably due to their expectations, lack of maturity as teenagers and grace.

Their expectations were far lower then what you were capable of. So when you preformed far above that their immaturity mixed with general teenaged drama and a lack of grace, well they instead of realizing that yes the beautiful woman that you are was capable of such. They instead basically took it as a personal insult and fueled it with jealousy of your capabilities along with whatever contrived reason they could justify to themselves.

Mind you am completely pulling most of this out of my ass and making assumptions everywhere.

Either way, if you do join a club don't be discouraged from preforming your best from the start, it may even be for the best. This is after all a new start with different people. "

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Re: You are the Disciple of History's Strongest

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