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Post by Ravenfeast on Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:26 pm


This part of the forum is for the discussion of Meka Tac - Giant Stompy Robots Edition which is a free, downloadable, tabletop giant robot wargame, which can be played on either a hex grid map or an open table with terrain, using cardboard counters or mecha miniatures from your collection - be they plastic, metal or gashapon. This is mostly a reworking and reorganization of the original rules, including clarifications, explanations and fleshing out existing mechanics. As there is not an official background, players may use it for whatever universe or scale they choose.

Each mech control sheet can fit onto a 3 x 5 card, which allow players to keep track of ammunition, how far they can move, which weapons are online, and how much damage it has sustained. The action cards add a little more unpredictability, but are by no means a central mechanic, so the game to be played without them. Heat is not an issue.

Feel free to post any questions, suggestions, modifications, mecha designs, scenarios, links, or after action reports here.

If you are curious, here is Lloyd Krassner's original version of Meka Tac.

Oh, and the "Giant Stompy Robots Edition" bit was in use before I discovered this forum. Wink

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