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Superman Unbound Shared Universe Empty Superman Unbound Shared Universe

Post by hmelton on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:07 am

The unfinished story that should be in the next post of this thread is part of a shared writers universe called Superman Unbound and is an example taken from the Kasumi wandering series of stories.

Superman Unbound is much like a round robin story, but also has elements of choose your own path style of reading/writing.

There is a central time line for one of the universes that is arbitrarily called the central or main universe and there is a decent collection of stories for that central universe, but as a writer your fiction doesn't have to follow that time line or set of stories that are written for that line or universe.

Below are links to our Yahoo group and selected Superman Unbound's web pages

Our Yahoo groups web page

Superman Unbound Home or Front page.

Fanfics web page with the fanfics scroll down to see the written material grouped by universe, challenge, writer, chronological order and how it' has been tagged.

Also as a final note you don't have to join our Yahoo group to write or submit stories for the Superman Unbound universe.



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Superman Unbound Shared Universe Empty Example Fanfic Silverton and Flight 713

Post by hmelton on Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:10 am

I've tried several variations of the idea of Kasumi being banished into a Babylon 5 universe during the Dilgar war or Minbari War for my Wandering Kasumi challenge, but I wasn't happy with the use of time travel in this story so it's set in 2007 in the Babylon 5 universe. That let me generate the chapter below.

Now I'm unsure how to precede with this universe. Please glance through the fanfic and then check the comments after its abrupt end for simple outlines of the several paths I tried and then deleted.
Silverton and Flight 713
Kasumi started awake and instantly moved to avoid the Warlock's attack her eyes and ears filled with what she would later realize was only a fading echo of the Warlock's power, his words and actions already completed were still echoing in her displaced mind "I banish you!" The restraints snapped in an instant and she surged upward thinking to dodge his attack by shooting straight up.  Her vision and hearing cleared a moment later, but it was too late she had only a tiny fraction of a second to realize that the ceiling directly before her nose couldn't possibly have existed where she had been the moment before. Unable to stop she plunged through the obstruction head first halting a couple of meters above a confusingly familiar shape.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
"a KrYpToNiAn?" The alien mind paused in it's preparation to use a tiny dimensional tear orbiting Pluto and turned it's attention sun ward toward one of it's species ancient probes orbiting the third planet out.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

As she was trained to do when disoriented and flying Kasumi came to an abrupt stop and was just starting to recognize the smoothly curving silvery shape passing under her feet when she impacted the passenger jet's vertical tail fin. Her invulnerable body smashing deeply into the fin before the thousand kilometer an hour slip stream caught the badly distorting and crumpling control surface and twisted it off the aircraft's hull spinning it and a very confused ultra-human into the night at 35,000 feet. It was only an instant later that Kasumi's mind finally caught up with what was happening and she wilted the fight going out of her as she finally realized just what damage she had done. Feelings of remorse followed immediately by home sickness, guilt and frustration filled her, to the point of being overwhelming. She had been so sure she was going to make it this time, yet here she was trapped once more, a universe away from her home blundering in the darkness of an unknown world.
Unnoticed the tail fin's distorted shape was quickly converting it's 1000 kilometers per hour airspeed into a spin that was threatening to complete the destruction Kasumi had started. Despondent and lost in her own thoughts of home it took being abruptly ejected from the chunk of crumpled aluminum to finally break her out of her own emotional spiral. The ultra human traveled nearly a hundred feet before taking control of her emotions with an iron grip and forcing herself to focus on the far more critical task of saving the lives she had just endangered. Stopping her fall with ease Kasumi turned and looked toward the crippled aircraft and after a moment sadly spoke aloud saying "I definitely don't need to try that again."  Shaking her head ruefully as she gave the crippled aircraft and surrounding sky a quick check she paused for a moment on what was a truly impressive thunderstorm building almost directly over the unknown city below. It took only a moment to classify what was shaping up to be a powerful electrical storm as a non-threat. The jet had obviously just completed a vector around it and had been putting the towering thunderhead to the side when her arrival had turned a routine flight into something any sane pilot dreads.

Turning her attention toward the rather noisily descending tail fin she spared it only a single quick glance before she looked down carefully studying the densely populated city and well populated suburbs compressed close by the mountains 33,000 and some odd feet below. After what for her was a very long second spent observing the city the ultrahuman turned not for the stricken aircraft above her to the right, but to her left toward the spinning multi-ton fragment of metal now quickly losing altitude. Grimacing slightly as she approached the fin, the jagged edges creating a high frequency whine that was already at irritating levels for a ultrahuman.

She easily gauged it's spin and after using her enhanced senses to take careful note of any undamaged internal structure Kasumi surged forward her hands snapping out, each causing their own sonic boom as she reached in and grabbed the distorted shape at it's strongest points. The fin's movement stopped with an abruptness that twisted and molded the metal around her body almost encasing her in distorted metal. The twisted remains of the tail fin was a problem she needed to get rid of quickly and unlike all the previous times that she had been in this situation she now had some very good reasons to obscure, as much as possible any accident investigation.

She would probably never know if any of the people her soul had been switched with in her previous banishments would keep any of her memories or powers, but she had determined very early in her unwilling travels to try and make her walk in their shoes as light as possible. To that end she was about to knowingly obscure as much as possible the true cause of this hopefully minor incident.

Spending a moment double checking her previous examination of the city below the ultra-human dithered thinking about how what she was about to do was going against nearly all her training. Finally she released the multi-ton fin by relaxing her diamond hard grip and suddenly jerking backwards making the metal groan as she violently removed herself from it's tightly molded embrace.

To Kasumi the chunk of aircraft metal seemed to hesitate almost as if it was unwilling to accept gravity's demand. But, really it never had a chance instead almost instantly after pulling her arms and body clear Kasumi's arm's and hands blurred as she tore into the twisted tail fin with a series of high speed moves that turned the large chunk of twisted composites and metal into a stream of smoothly rounded supersonic projectiles aimed at a carefully selected dark patch of ground far below. For an instant a smile graced the young superhero's sad face as she silently mouthed the words chestnuts roasting.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
"It CaN't Be A KrYpToNiAn. ThErE HaS BeEn No MeAsUrAbLe DiMeNsIoNaL...  HoW CoUlD iT gEt HeRe?" The alien mind unable to believe the evidence of the data feed from one of it's race's own probes turned it's attention from preparing to enter what the humans in a thousand years would call the Pluto anomaly and instead toward preparing to perform a hyperspace jump to the third planet's outer atmosphere.

The alien's ship spun in place it's speed stressing the massive four kilometer diameter object well beyond the limits of the best materials currently known to human science.  The massive star ship needed to focus it's largest sensor arrays on the distant world and as it moved and turned it was momentarily highlighted by the weak rays of the distant sun making it's distinctive shape clearly visible to a probe buried deep in Pluto's frozen crust. It was a shape now rarely seen in this universe, but one that was very familiar to any of the older races including the designers and growers of the buried Vorlon probe.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

It was the work of a long and noisy ten seconds, the carefully compressed chunks, Kasumi's arms and hands creating a staccato drawn out roar of chained sonic booms heard over an area nearly a hundred kilometers in diameter.  Most who heard the sound at the time simply called it odd thunder, but one large group of veterans just leaving the Silverton V. A. meeting thought that it was the sound of a chain gun and several notified the police of gunfire.  The sound was eventually classified as anomalous and placed as number thirty-one in a book entitled "The 10o1 oddities of the Silverton Flight 713 event".  Oddly enough, given the rampant rumours and unending discussion created by the night's unprecedented events, no one ever connected the sound with a debris pattern of just over 12,000 marble to basketball sized chunks of tightly compressed aircraft hull scattered across Silverton's Grade School play ground.

Disposing of the tail fin into the center of an empty playground Kasumi was about to turn back to the crippled aircraft when a bit of falling colour in the darkness below caught her attention and she gave a startled "Oh MY!" and darted toward the ground. Dropping almost instantly into a supersonic power dive she was so preoccupied with making sure the woman falling below was the only passenger sucked from the aircraft, she never noticed the loss of her current body's own leather jacket. It's leather vanishing in a spray of tattered rags as she crossed the sound barrier.  

Decelerating sharply to a matching speed the ultra-human fell along side the unconscious woman her arms reaching out in a grab that suddenly slowed as Kasumi remembered her check list and quickly scanned the middle aged woman's body, with her x-ray vision paying close attention to her head, heart and spine.

Finally satisfied with the woman's condition the ultra-human gently pulled the falling woman into a hug and slowed their descent. All the while, silently thanking God that she had noticed the falling body and that the unconscious stewardess's was in such good condition. In fact all things consider the woman was in incredibly good shape for a person who had just been sucked out of an aircraft at 35,000 feet and had dropped through over 20,000 feet of empty sky.

Still clutching the Stewardess close she reversed their descent turning from the surface now less than 10,000 feet below and climbing relatively slowly toward the stricken descending aircraft far above. Keeping her speed subsonic the ultra-human used the extra time and her superhuman senses to carefully count and check the health of each of the aircraft's three hundred and fif... No! There was three hundred and seventeen passengers and crew. She didn't need to forget that, not only was there the woman she carried, but her current body needed to be counted as well.

Shying away from the problem of being forced to take over yet another person's life Kasumi turned to her training and the mental check list. Over the years she and the other presidential class ultramen had lost several people to heart attacks and a quick x-ray scan had became one of the standard procedures she and the others had been trained to perform. All to often they could do nothing their hands literally full saving the lives of other victims, but on occasion they were able to do something and procedures had been developed and added to the refresher training she and the other presidential class ultramen regularly underwent.

Finishing her quick check of the other three hundred and fifteen passengers, Kasumi was greatly relieved at the relative health of the passengers and spent the last few seconds of her approach to the aircraft doing one more check of the airspace making sure no external dangers were present.  There was that massive and still climbing thunderhead now off to one side, but it was little threat to the aircraft in spite of a slight change in the jet's coarse.

The pilots were still nominally in control of the crippled jet and from what she was seeing they were using asymmetrical variable engine thrust and following a new vector heading toward an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

Reaching the quickly descending aircraft Kasumi rose above it and matched it's speed and flight path moving into a spot that put her out of sight of both the passengers and the pilots as she focused her senses on the people in the exposed compartment, waiting for just the right moment to drop herself and her passenger back into the aircraft.

She wasn't overly worried that someone would see their return, after all with the way air was howling through the exposed cabin everyone now had their heads down and were desperately holding onto their oxygen mask. Still it didn't pay to take chances especially with someone else's... OH MY! Kasumi suddenly blurred as she made a dive toward the opening in the aircraft's hull. She had been so rattled by the banishment into yet another universe and what her escape attempt had inadvertently done to these people she had failed to keep an eye on what she had done to the aircraft.

Seeming to appear out of nowhere over a vacant seat Kasumi released the now slightly battered and still unconscious stewardess into the very dubious safety of a vacant aircraft seat. Blurring the ultra-human had the woman safely tied down, the broken seat belts knotted around her body literally before the cushions had a chance to fully settle under the sudden weight.

The oxygen mask fixed firmly in place Kasumi started her turn from the still unconscious stewardess finally fully giving into the adrenaline surge that caused the universe to grind to a sudden halt. Kasumi wasn't fooled she had experienced the often excitement sparked speed up of her thoughts and actions many times before and knew just how sharp a doubled edged sword this particular superhuman ability could be. Her mind now functioning six hundred times faster than normal felt trapped and crippled in a body only able to achieve a speed four hundred times greater than normal. It took huge amounts of will power and careful concentration to safely move at what appeared to be an incredibly sluggish rate. The very air a paradox to her as every movement seemingly painfully slow still created potentially lethal concussive shock waves.

The Ultrahuman's eye's widened fractionally as she was completing her spin and she started looking at the damage using her x-ray vision. The cracks had traveled nearly five meters and a section of the hull was already starting to peel back, up and away. Even with her current mental speed the movement was noticeable as the cracks raced toward a lethal finish in the aircraft's tail section. Officially she was no engineer, but like all presidential class ultramen she was well versed from far to much practical experience and regular training classes in how man made structures failed, especially aircraft and she knew in an instant what would happen if the cracks managed to reach the already structurally compromised tail section.

Kasumi reacted in the only way available to her, silently thankful that only miniscule movements of her eyes were needed to aim and focus the light speed energy of her heat vision. Had their been an outside observer present even one with comparable abilities it would have still seemed almost like magic as the ultra-human's eyes glowed brightly and eighty-two perfectly round thumb sized holes suddenly appeared in the aircraft's hull each terminating what had been a fast moving crack in the aircraft's hull.

Finally completing the spin her hands went hypersonic creating a deafening double crack of sound as they made a desperate grab at the part of the hull that was already curling out into the aircraft's slip stream. She was an instant late in her grab and was forced to watch in slow motion as a six meter long and just over one meter wide section of the hull was snagged by the slip stream and torn from the aircraft. Thankfully it broke along the irregular row of perforations she had burned in the hull mere moments before, but the loss of the section closed several options that would have made saving these people a far easier job.

To Kasumi's accelerated mind the torn section seemed to slowly waft away hanging just out of reach for far to many micro-seconds as it seemed to tease and tempt her with a wealth of now useless options. Instead the ultra-human settled herself into the forward edge of the gap forcing her back against the vibrating jagged edges until enough pressure had been applied to dampen the vibrations to non-destructive levels.

A quick multi-spectrum glance to either side revealed that it wasn't going to be enough, this universe's aircraft designers seemed to have made some significantly different choices in materials and those decisions were now leading to a catastrophic failure that probably wouldn't have happened back home.

Seeming to glare at the hull Kasumi used her x-ray vision in combination with her microscopic and telescopic sight to study the airframe around her picking the significantly different hull design apart trying desperately to gain an understanding of it's strengths and failure modes.

In addition to the standard aircraft aluminum of her own universe this one made significant use of a laminated graphite in it's structure. This had reduced the aircraft's hull weight, while increasing it's strength, but for reasons the Ultrahuman didn't understand the graphite around her exit point had shattered badly in a belt extending completely around the aircraft.

The only thing supporting the rear section past her exit point was a very thin outer aluminum hull and in spite of her current efforts it was flexing and vibrating at a frightening rate, threatening to shatter and release the entire rear section.

Aluminum was a strong light weight metal well suited by those aspects for use in aircraft, but it did have one significant problem and that problem had led to more than a few accidents even in her own universe's aircraft. The metal was prone to metal fatigue and this meant that repeated motions no matter how slight always eventually resulted in structure failure. Normally in her own universe the airstream vibrations she was seeing in the outer hull wouldn't have been a problem. The thicker layer of metal her own universe's design used easily lasting the short time needed to get the aircraft onto the ground.
Unfortunately that wasn't proving to be so in this universe, the remaining metal was to thin and weak without the now shattered graphite. Frowning at the sight of countless microscopic cracks growing in the remaining aluminum outer shell Kasumi pressed her back harder into the forward edge of her exit puncture and then placed her hands palms side down on each side of the opening and gently pressed down. Setting herself slightly she shut her eyes and then delved deeply into her martial art's training and memory trying to push Captain Space's heavy lift signature skill beyond what he or even Superman had done before.

This time she didn't just need to move the aircraft and negate it's weight with her aura she needed to strengthen the hull as well. Thanks to early martial arts training by her father and more recent training by Ranma she could sense a person's aura. She couldn't sense an aura to the extent that Ranma or their fathers did, but she was aware of it, especially the more powerful ones and she especially remembered an encounter with an infamous superhuman know as Royoga.

During an attempt to calm down and arrest the rampaging boy turned superhuman girl, Ryoga had surprised Kasumi with a massive green ki blast that had flung her into a collection of wires holding a high tension power line tower. Ryoga had used the momentary distraction and Kasumi's shift of focus from fighting to dealing with the guy wires to snake several of the snapped cables around Kasumi's body and wrap her in several dozen loops before knotting the finger thick steel reinforced wires into a complex tensioned knot. Snapping them should have taken little more than a thought, but Ryoga had some how projected her life force into the wires strengthening them to incredible levels. To her poorly developed aura sense it had felt almost like Ryoga had wrapped her arms around Rising Sun.

It had trapped her for several minutes she couldn't just jerk free it would have dropped one or more of the towers. The cables enhancement had lingered for several minutes until the energy field had faded. She had been forced to carefully strain for nearly five minutes fighting what had felt like Ryoga's embrace before the feeling had faded and she had finally been able to carefully snap and pick apart the complex knots and then tie them off into an arrangement that would hold until the repair crews had arrived.

The memory of what she had felt when Ryoga had used his technique firmly in place and all her Father's, Ranma's and Captain Space's training on expanding or extending her aura in mind Kasumi delved deeply into her powers and tried to copy exactly what she had felt Ryoga do and force her aura to not only envelop the aircraft as normal, but to flow into it's very structure as well.

In this an untrained, but Kasumi went far beyond Ryoga her mind focused inward and pushing her far greater kryptonian power levels to it's limit she not only filled the thin layer of metal, but submerged the entire aircraft in her aura. To the passengers and crew Kasumi's silent desperate attempt to save the aircraft produced a feeling that each would under later questioning describe in variations of a mother's, daughter's, sister's or wife's hug.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
iT iS a KrPtOnIaN... nO KRPtonIANs? WhAt ArE ThEy DoInG? The Walker pushed the question and many others aside as it opened it's own unique form of jump point vortex and entered it. This bore a closer inspection and hopefully all it's questions would be answered soon enough when it reached Earth. Unaware or more likely uncaring it left the Vorlon probe alone watching as one of the most enigmatic older species the Vorlons had ever encountered left the probe's assigned area.

As it had been taught the probe was passively absorbing and recording every scrap of information both on the unique lightning filled jump vortex the walker generated and on the ship itself.  Once it vanished the probe gave a shiver both from the cold that had been quickly creeping into it's body and in relief that it's target had vanished. It's energy reserves were almost gone and on a cold dead world so near an orbiting disruption of hyperspace it would take days of carefully tending it's hyperspace power taps to return it's reserves to comfortable levels.
** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

To the already frightened Pilots the feeling's of Kasumi's warm embrace went unnoticed as simultaneous with her actions to extend her aura their controls and instruments already screaming multiple alarms simply went insane. Both pilots let out yells of pain and surprise as the controls slapped their hands away and became a blur to their vision as the force feedback systems reacted to the input of an over powering energy field.

Over the years working as Rising Sun Kasumi had gained an Aeronautical Engineer's understanding of an aircraft's electronics, but she wasn't in her universe anymore and the aircraft's reaction to her energy field was truly alien.

In this universe humanity was a managed species and it had been “guided” for well over a hundred years. The first major move toward domestication had been what most of this universe's humanity had called the Spanish death of 1918 and was considered a flawless success by the Vorlons. The viral based DNA resequencing of a significant minority of the human race had successfully laid the foundation for the later addition of telepathy. The resultant immune reaction related deaths of nearly 300 million humans was seen as an acceptable side effect that was being easily corrected with the continuing human population explosion.

What Kasumi had no way of knowing and little time to note was that not only was the aircraft's hull different, but the aircraft's electronics were radically different to the digital and analog technology of her own universe.

In the early 1950's the Vorlon observing Earth and the slowly growing minority of telepath ready human families hadn't liked the obviously digital inorganic approach to humanity's technology, especially the computing and control systems and they had quickly nipped the species's natural development in the bud by forcing several researchers to apparently spontaneously develop simple computing components that when merged would produced a device that emulated the simplest operations of organic nervous systems.

These simplistic pseudo-organic electronic circuits were far superior to the primitive digital and analog systems available and quickly replaced them. The introduced alien technology made for an electronics revolution decades before the digital computer revolution of Kasumi's own universe.

By the time of Kasumi's visit these pseudo-organic circuits still had many quickly eroding advantages over the digital electronics of her home universe, and three huge disadvantages only one of which was known to this universe's humanity.

The one known to humanity was called the Tyranny of Teaching or the double T problem for short. It originated from from the fact that the psuedo-organic circuits make use of second and third order effects, such effects, unlike first order digital switching circuits are almost impossible to accurately define in mass produced equipment. There can be no mass production or direct copying of learned patterns to even nominally identical mass produced devices because the second and third order electrical characteristics were unique in each device. This would change once the human race was advanced enough to be guided into using the Vorlon approved crystal neural optical systems, where second order optical effects could be better controlled in mass production crystals allowing the addition of an “instinct” to mass produced devices.

The Second disadvantage was more of a hidden design feature added by the Vorlon's and one that would be put to murderous use by the Minbari in the future. It was centered around the deliberate inclusion into the basic theory of neural network circuitry of a subtle design flaw that produced a faster acting device, except when it was fed a wide band long duration “noise” pattern. After several minutes of being fed this “noise” patterns any neural array with this design flaw would in effect start having low level seizures that fuzzed all calculations and data transmissions that passed through it.

The third disadvantage was the one that Kasumi was inadvertently accessing and was an even deeper design feature, one unknown to all, but the Vorlon's themselves. The Vorlons wanted to appear to have a supernatural ability to extend their will into the technology of the “lesser races” and to this end they had an ongoing program of forcibly providing their carefully designed computing neurocircuits to every species in nearly a tenth of the galaxy. Every neurocircuit from the crude electronic circuits of the human aircraft to the incredibly sophisticated optical devices used by the Minbar all were carefully tuned to the bioenergy fields specifically those that all Vorlons produced.

By proximity and shear levels of power Kasumi's aura was interacting with the aircraft's neural networks and not even the Vorlon would have been able to predict the results or override the pure madness the superhuman aura induced in the aircraft's electronics. In the first five seconds of it's electronic insanity the aircraft's four jet engines fuel system were jammed open and the engines quickly spooled up to maximum thrust. The slight difference in construction and service life caused the set of jets on one side to produce more significantly more thrust than the pair on the other side putting the aircraft into a spiral that would carried it directly over Silverton and directly into the massive thunderhead.

The aircraft started to climb it's course now only determined by the miss matched emergency thrust of it's four engines and by Kasumi's desperate attempt to prevent it's structural failure. The gain in altitude a byproduct of her only other previous personal experience with purposely extending her aura. Rising Sun had often helped Speed Captain Space's often slow climb into orbit with the large hulls of the factories, stations and spaceships he was hired to put into orbit.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
At almost the exact moment flight 713 now clearing 45,000 feet and traveling at just over 670 miles per hour was entering the Thunder head over Silverton the hyperspace vortex generated by the curious crew of a Walker star ship exited back into normal space at 400,000 feet and it's massive electrical field used by this ancient species method of entering and exiting hyperspace quickly interacted with Earth's entire electrical field and the powerful thunderstorm nearly 330,000 feet below. A moment later just as Kasumi was becoming aware through her intense concentration of the ice and hail now striking her back the Walker's massive interdimensional star ship completed it's drop from hyperspace and released containment on the massive static charges causing a massive lightning strike into the thunderstorm far below.

Kasumi never saw the massive bolt that hit the nose of the plane and passed through it's hull and supercharged her kryptonian aura moments before the aircraft it's protective energy field fading away disintegrated tossing the now unconscious if superhuman crew and passengers into the storm 50,000 feet above Silverton.

======WHAT NOW?===========

Should I go with just the 317 passengers and crew from flight 713 gaining a kryptonian enhancement or should the lightning bolt that hit flight 317 be the one to ground itself through Silverton's electrical substation and in the process of destroying the small cities electrical grid give a lesser kryptonian enhancements to the 30,000 plus population of the city?

I've tried writing and outlining several more chapters using both ideas, but I always run into trouble with trying to write out how the Vorlons and to a lesser extent the Shadows would react.

In one attempt I ended up with the growing population of kryptonian humans pitted against the growing numbers of Vorlon created telepaths. This is where I realized that just about anyone with a kryptonian enhancement would be easily able to deafen any telepath attempting to read their mind.

I know the Walkers are older and more powerful than the Vorlons and from their point of view this batch of enhanced humans is their creation. How would the Vorlon react to such actions by one of the few civilizations that surpasses them?

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Superman Unbound Shared Universe Empty Links to other Kasumi Wandering fanfics

Post by hmelton on Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:46 pm

Here are a couple links to the other two Kasumi wandering fanfics

First, one with large robots by Arthur Hansen

Now here is a link to one that was originally supposed to be from the point of a Las Vegas CSI report.

I couldn't quite do that and ended up writing this from mostly Kasumi's point of view.


If any one writes CSI fanfic I'd love to see the above continued or rewritten, especially from the point of view of the CSI team investigating the "Incident at the Etos" .

SPOILER WARNING for Juxtaposition

Also I believe "Juxtaposition"  is open for anyone to continue.

Arthur's ends his story a year after the event, with Cassie thinking about the superhero that had become her and deciding to get on with her life.

If someone decides to  explore Cassie's universe of Colony drops and Giant robots here are some thoughts that might help those that aren't familiar with the Superman Unbound version of kryptonian powers.

It looks like Cassie's kryptonian superpowers are gone forever, but the jury is still mostly out on that.

The Kryptonian aura from superman unbound has the ability to cause regeneration of body parts, but it's implied that those regrowing body parts are very delicate until the part is fully regenerated to it's adult state.

Fast Growth such as children growing up or a regrowing limb disrupt's the kryptonian aura and it's ability to give super human powers to that still growing body part.

Children born with or having a recently transferred kryptonian aura will quickly lose any super powers as their body continue to grow.  Growth spurts are especially bad at disrupting super powers often for years at a time, which is why Clark didn't start developing super powers until he was well into his teens and most children with kryptonian aura's won't usually have super powers start appear until their mid to late teens.

If Cassie's doesn't notice returning superpowers and her arm's don't start to regrow by the end of her second year of recovery then Kasumi's kryptonian aura almost certainly didn't take.

Kryptonian aura's are passed naturally from Mother to child during pregnancy so if Cassie keeps a kryptonian aura all her children will have a kryptonian aura, but won't manifest super powers until they reach or nearly reach their adult bodies.

The kryptonian aura is passed from mother to child, so without any artificial means of transferring a kryptonian aura it will only be passed to descendents by Cassie's daughters and by those daughter's daughters.

All of Cassie's Son's or her daughter's sons will also have a kryptonian aura equal to any sister, they just can't transfer that aura to their children.


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Superman Unbound Shared Universe Empty Re: Superman Unbound Shared Universe

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