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Post by hmelton on Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:17 pm

Voyages End

A crossover of Star Gate SG1 and Star Trek's Voyager.
More from a war gamer or role player point of view.

There is much I dislike about the Star Gate SG 1 series as written and presented in on TV and while I usually say anything Star trek is better, I must make exception for a couple of  star trek series.  One is Voyager, which I considered so badly written I must admit that SG 1 was far superior.

One problem with SG 1 was the secrecy at any price even to the point of ruining the story and ignoring what should have been critical game changing plot points.  For example the so called gigaton orbital explosions that created an EMP that was strong enough to disrupt the electronics of a shielded military base buried under a mountain and yet wasn't noticed by any civilian.   An EMP of a magnitude needed to disrupt the SGC would at the very least have burned out every transistor based non-military radio receiver and killed the electronic ignition systems of at least half the vehicles on the ground and in the air.   The script writers would actually have you believe no one noticed this?

Voyager's problems were far worse and probably more related to zombie script writers and no living beta readers or advisers.  Really no one questioned “Warp 10 causes humans to mutate into giant slimy salamanders?”  and many other things.

Both Voyager and SG 1 as series could have been so much more and I've often wondered what both series could have been had the writers or at least the advisers had had experience war gaming or role playing and actually tried to mentally place themselves in the situations they are writing about.

For example after the SGC discovered that invisibility generators or at least invisibility cloaks exist and function through the event horizon of a star gate, why did we not start seeing plastic strip doors, bead curtains and later spring and electronic or fiber optic pressure sensors installed. This is a counter to such invisibility cloaks that any group of war gamers or role players would quickly think of as a cheap and easy counter to such incredible power in the hands of those that hate them.

It would have added so much to the show. Imagine SG 1's comments on the sudden appearance of bead curtains in the hallways and doorways.

Voyages End is hopefully more of a war gamer/engineers take on both universes, with an eye toward making both more internally consistent and less contradictory.

You can think of  Voyages End is a loose crossover of Star gate SG 1 and Star Trek's Voyager series that uses a few concepts from Star Fleet Battles, most of the material can be found at the link for my hobby site.

As always Engineering plays a significant role in the notes I make for my universes and those parts are mostly for  me so feel free to ignore those sections where I go into detailed changes or designs of surface and space ships.

You can find the initial self insert challenge at my hobbies site.


Below is an alternate direct link to "Voyages End" link in case the link above isn't responding.

To save time below is a slightly modified version of the introductory challenge from my Hobby website link above.

Voyages End is a loose crossover of Star Gate and Star Trek's Voyager series and uses a few concepts from Star Fleet Battles most of the material can be found here at the link below.

If your looking to write a short self insert as a civilian that has little to do with the military and is far away from a military base then you can use the link below for reference for writing your fire in the sky self insert or RPG.

If your looking to write a short self insert as a member of the military or a civilian near a US. military base then this is probably your best reference point.

This version of the Star gate universe has no "Star Trek", instead "Galaxy Quest" was big in the late 1970's and was the Voyages End's  equivalent of "Star Trek" just over ten years late.

Yes that Qalaxy Quest the one with Tim Allen in this version of the star gate universe it was an actual TV series that made it as big in the late 1970's as Star Trek did in our universe. All other scifi can be considered to exist.



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