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Robert Svensson Empty Robert Svensson

Post by Brian Boru on Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:02 am

Gender:  Male
Rearing: Steader
Pursuit: Beastmaster

Born on a cattle ranch, (where the cattle are 6ft at the shoulder, have horns long enough to gore an old world elephant, and a mean streak that would make a honeybadger flush), Robert or Bobby as his family calls him, is one of the best hands the extended Svenson family has, one of the strongest on the ranch, he's on of the few on the farm that can actually knock an upset bull with a single punch.  Not that he would, why would you want to hurt the big old softie?  Said softie was just trampling an unfortunate bandit into a bloody paste with a unholy gleam in it's eyes while it did it.

4 :Muscle
2 :Understanding
4 :Tenacity
1 :Appeal
1 :Nimbleness
4 :Toughness
2 :Senses

EXP: 0/0

Full Health: 24
Current: 24

4 :Athletics*
0 :Boat
2 :Brawl*
0 :Criminal
0 :Drive
2 :Heal
0 :Intimidate
0 :Lore
2 :Melee*
3 :Notice*
2 :Presuade*
0 :Pilot
3 :Ride
1 :Savvy
0 :Scavange
3 :Shoot*
0 :Slight
1 :Stealth*
0 :Survive
0 :Tech
3 :Zoofinity
Mutations: None


Weapon               Atr         Skl         Dam        Rng        Cap         RLD        Hands         Burst
DB, Shotgun         Nim        Sht         12L       Short        2             1            2               Yes
Heavy Axe           Mus        Mel       M+10L     Melee        -             -            2                No
Knife                   Nim        Mel        M+2L      Melee        -             -            1               No
Armor Type / Protection

Leather Tunic; gloves; boots; pants; Flannel shirt; Coat

Six bundles of fodder; small leather bag; basic veterinary tools

Ox Cart, Ox (Billy)

Pet: Large Canine (Lunk)

6 Moderate Cheese Wheels
2 Steers
1 Set of Travel Papers

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Robert Svensson Empty Re: Robert Svensson

Post by Psyckosama on Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:04 am

Decent setup. Good concept. Finish the character and I'll review it in full.


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