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Myxtunia Alpha's Earths Empty Myxtunia Alpha's Earths

Post by hmelton on Sun May 07, 2017 4:46 pm

This is one of my merged universe ideas.

I'm giving to all who want to play with it, use it any way you want.

Just a few notes for the version I'm hoping to have in the post following this post.

First there is a missing Earth in the story idea that is posted, feel free to insert your own or even replace all others.

The "reference Earth" mentioned in the short descriptions for Each of the Earth's Mxyzptlk has copied is missing.

That Earth was originally our Earth as of 2015, I eventually ended up not using our Earth in my wargames and fanfic ideas.

Eventually I replaced it with a version of our Earth from around 2015 that was our Earth save for the James bond, Ranma 1/2 and Superman  stories.

You need to remember these Earth's are all in the Universe of the Bombed out Near Earth planet,

I have tried to make the bombed out planet as generic as possible, so you have a choice of universes that the Myxtunia solar system is actually located in.

I've briefly tried nearly eight universes and played with two extensively.

Hope somebody has as much fun with this idea as I have.

Just think 007 from his Earth going up against Batman and the Justice League, while everyone is trying to avoid  Ranma style martial arts husband hunting amazon "spies" .

The description and set up for Mxytunia Alpha's Earth should be in the next post


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Myxtunia Alpha's Earths Empty Here is the idea and short description of the Earths I used.

Post by hmelton on Sun May 07, 2017 5:07 pm

Myxtunia A Alpha's Earths

Myxtunia is named by Mxyzptlk and was an uninhabited binary star solar system until the 5th dimensional being's unwilling arrival.

Myxtunia is a double star solar system and is just under twenty light years from that Universe's Earth. In the standard reference Earth universe it is called Eta Cassiopeiae and consist of a G0 class star with a distant B companion star that is a K7.

In the universe Mxyzptlk was banished to it is a much larger/brighter K0. In addition both Mxytunia A and B have several very large gas giant companions that do not appear to be present in the reference universe's Eta Cassiopeiae solar system.

Eta Cassiopeiae A or Myxtunia A's first planet is a gas giant with roughly the mass of three Jupiters that is orbiting in the outer half of the liquid water zone of a yellow star named Myxtunia by Mxyzptlk.

The 5th dimensional being accidentally discovered a quick way into this distant universe and to the star he named Myxtunia after being trapped their in a failed attempt to return early to one of his favorite superman universe's.

The Star is in the approximate location of his favorite Earth in it's home universe, which is at such a distance from his 5th dimensional home and favorite Superman universe the only way he has found to reliably reach it is to cause a feedback loop in his power by trying to return on the fifth day of his ninety day banishment.

After the imprisonment period is up on his first visit the now free 5th dimensional being hesitates and gives into curiosity before he leaves and checks out the universe's Earth and then takes a quick tour around the local Galaxy.

During this tour he happens upon a heavily bombed human colony with a few surviving humans scattered across the planet. Knowing himself and that he is likely to be trapped in this universe again he decides to to make the Myxtunia solar system into a more entertaining short term prison. Mxyzptlk moves the devastated colony world putting the Earth sized world in the inner most safe and stable orbit of the warm gas giant in the outer part of Myxtunia A's Liquid water zone.

Less than a year later after another attempt at trying to return on the 5th day to his favorite Superman universe Mxyzptlk is again trapped in Myxtunia and he entertains himself with a group of the bombed out world's human survivors until four days after he is freed when one of the group finally “tricks” him.

In spite of what they describe as a sixty day waking dream bordering on a nightmare the small group of humans must admit the alien genie has left them in significantly better shape. Most of the “magical” physical changes have vanished, but the memories and knowledge have remained and that knowledge has given several group members extensive survivalist medical training and several other members a Master's level of knowledge in an advanced hand to hand martial arts claimed to have been copied from a group of Chinese Amazon warriors.

In the coming year Mxyzptlk will gain access to a powerful 5th dimensional tool for a short period and use it to add copies of several Earth's into orbit around the Warm gas giant taking copies from some of the more entertaining universes he has visited.


In the innermost stable orbit of Alpha, Mxyzptlk has placed a bombed out human planet

Before placing this bombed out human colony Mxyzptlk moves a pair of small moons and many tiny asteroid sized moons out to the L4 and L5 Lagrangian points of the Alpha Gas Giant replacing them with this Earth sized colony world taken from another star system.

This originally extremely Earth like planet was descending into a nuclear sparked ice age caused by the planets bombardment until Mxyzptlk moved it to it's current orbit as a moon.

This human colony planet is the only one native to this universe and it is not a copy instead it has been moved here after it was devastated. Mxyzptlk was careful to move the world while no intelligences or functional probes were observing the solar system and he moved it through the higher dimensions to prevent any type of tracking by the natives of this universe.

This Earth like planet has many craters from bombs and possibly other types of weapons fire. In spite of being from this universe, it is not from the Myxtunia solar system.

This world has far less than a half million survivors scrapping by in what were increasingly cold conditions. The damage to this world hasn't quite destroyed the biosphere, but it will be a long time recovering if not given more help.

Mxyzptlk's movement and positioning around Mxytunia Alpha has helped to stabilize the biosphere and prevent an ice age, after all it wouldn't do for his entertainment to all freeze.

The relative closeness of the gas giant and it's heat more than makes up for the gas giant's orbit being in the outer part of the Myxtunia A's liquid water zone.

Eventually once the inertia tending toward an ice age has faded from of the devastated biosphere this world is going to start to warm and eventually have a far wider tropical zone than it previously had.

Had Mxyzptlk not been given the opportunity to use a powerful artifact by the 5th dimensional council it's fairly certain only this human world would have been placed in the Myxtunia solar system.

Notable tech of world
Unknown, mostly salvaged materials and cobbled together equipment of significantly lower tech standard, say mid to late Steam age with a few ICE engines using mostly propane or alcohol based fuels.

Due to the interference of a certain 5th dimensional being this world has recently had a subset of Chi or Aura manipulation martial arts introduced and it's training is quickly spreading through the population. Since these techniques are a relatively recent introduction there are fewer than ten humans approaching Wonder Woman levels of capability, but given the usefulness of these techniques to survival a large percentage can already be classified as low end martial arts based superhumans.

Space Assets transferred with world
Unknown, Mxyyzptlk has transferred some extremely badly damaged orbital materials with the bomb out world, but other than residual radioactivity most appear to be completely inert.

In the next stable orbital position out, Mxyzptlk has placed a copy of the double “O” or “Moonraker” Earth and Moon from early 1988

Mxyzptlk has made two copies of this world, one put in the council approved location and one here for his own use and as back up in case the council limited corrections to his mistake still allows the death of billions.

It was this world and a mistake Mxyzptlk made here that resulted in the 5th dimensional imp desperately begging to the point of extreme humiliation for the use of a powerful tool usually kept locked away under the council's exclusive control and started Mxyzptlk down a path of a series of revenge pranks against the council, that will become infamous across the 5th dimension.

Mxyzptlk is playing with a group of British double “O” agents on this world and inadvertently aids Drax in his genocidal goal of releasing nerve gas across Earth as the self styled 5th dimensional imp hinders agent Jame Bond and inadvertently causes the death of just over two billion people. Because the 5th dimensional council likes the way that Earth develops after the nerve gas deaths Mxyzptlk is prevented from changing his past actions or taking any step that would stop the events that allowed two billion people to die from a nerve gas attack.

Mxyzptlk after much self humiliation and begging is allowed to use a powerful 5th dimensional tool able to copy entire planets.

Mxyzptlk returns to the past and creates two copies of the double “O” Earth and Moon before the events that led to the nerve gas deaths, one Earth and Moon he puts in orbit around the gas giant he calls Alpha in his Myxtunia solar system and the other Earth goes to the councils approved universe with only the changes they allow him to make.

The double “O” Earth is placed in orbit around Alpha and the sudden appearance of a Gas Giant and the quick discovery of the other Earths including a bombed out very Earth like world in a closer orbit causes Drax to hesitate and more importantly a large minority of his people are forced to start thinking more deeply about what Drax is planning and have a change of heart. All that is needed is a little prodding from Mxyzpltk while the double “O” agent is in the area and several pairs of Drax's “chosen people” actively seek out and give aid to the double “O” agent. The help allows several teams of British and American special forces to reach Drax's base and they gain uncontested entrance into the hidden complex, with large numbers of his employees almost instantly surrendering to them.

Drax isn't willing to surrender, but nearly all of his employees surrender with little loss of life. After the surrender and during Drax's trail the investigation discovers that Drax has not only built a huge space station, but has also been purposely selling crippled Space Shuttles to NASA. The actual payload capacity was 24% greater for Drax's version of the space shuttles with improved heat shields and greater orbital endurance.

The Drax space station and Six Drax Shuttles are claimed by NASA, but when it was discovered the shuttles and space station were armed with a 30 and 50 kilo joule pulse lasers and have hard points for various missiles and projectile weapons these armed shuttles and Drax orbital facility are put under the command and control of the United States Air force and the British Navy's special forces becoming a Joint US and British outpost to counter the space assets they are seeing orbiting some of the other inhabited “Earths” circling the Gas Giant.

Notable tech of Double O Earth
Mass produced late 1980's electronics/Materials technology with extremely limited production capability of roughly 2015 electronics/materials in several nation's “black” projects.

Stealth field technology developed by Drax industries is based on using magnetically confined low density cold plasma to absorb selected RADAR and Lidar frequencies. This plasma stealth tech can potentially be modified to provide high resistance to energy weapons.

The top five ICBM capable nations have Laser technology of at least 2010 levels with each having an operational assembly line for weapons grade 30 to 50 kilo Joule pulse lasers.

SRBM and IRBM technology is wide spread with ICBM technology being in the hands of the top ten nations with the ICBM nations having or being capable of fielding a significant number of sub-orbital anti-missiles missiles.

Thanks to an early 1960's super villain's almost successful attempt to build and orbit a nuclear bomb powered space battleship. Orion style atomic rocket technology is almost fully developed and is partially tested with late 1960's suit case scale nuclear devices. In addition America, China, Japan, and Russia have extensive research into Frigate and Destroyer sized space ships designed to use an experimental and still unreliable laser ignited heavy water Fusion Pulse rocket technology.

Space Assets at time of Copying to Mxytunia Alpha
A double “O” incident involving the successful multinational theft of the materials needed to make over a hundred small nukes and the theft of dozens of completed suit case sized nukes by a super villain results in a late 1960's top secret treaty where the super villain's completed and nearly fully fueled Orion space battleship and it's design plans are shared by military Scientist and Engineers from America, China, France, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union.

The Secret treaty allows each of these nations to build one full Battleship and every one of these nations have more or less completed one untested Orion drive space Battleship.

The super villain's plans included plans for using laser ignited fusion pulse rockets and since only battleship sized spacecraft using atomic bombs for thrust are addressed in the treaty each of the above nations have also built one or two Destroyer or Frigate sized untested experimental space ships. These smaller spaceships were designed around what the designers hope will be successful laser ignited heavy water fusion pulse rockets.

All these space ships are sitting in the more deserted parts of their nation's territory. The various battleships have been extensively spied on by the other nations and are very much designed to counter the space Battleship they are most likely to face in battle. The smaller Frigate or Destroyer sized ships are mostly unfinished and vary wildly in designed and level of completion.

Drax Station is a 200 meter diameter symmetrical “doughnut on a spindle” space station that is currently configured to dock six shuttles and then rotate up to speed with the crew remaining in residence for the full period of the roughly five year genocide mission.

Drax station's originally design called for four space shuttle docking points, two at the top and two at the bottom of the center spindle. Drax ordered the design modified instead installing the main plasma stealth systems in pods attached to these points and switching to six shuttle docking points on the stations “doughnut” outer edges. In Drax's mind these six outer docking stations increased his security and control of the station's crew. Once his master race was on board and the station was spun up no one could safely enter or leave until the station's spin was again canceled.

In the coming months as this Earth's United States and Great Britain learn more about the space assets of the other Earths they return to the original design and the six outer shuttle docking ports are modified to more or less permanently hold shuttle sized expansion pods containing such things as Plasma Stealth Generators, Sensors, and weapon pods docked to these six points after the central spindle's top and bottom pods are removed freeing those shuttle ports back to docking points which do not need to “spin down” the entire station to dock or release a shuttle.

NASA has five unarmed Space Shuttles built with early to mid 1970's technology slightly ahead of those used by the standard reference Earth time line.

The US Airforce and British Navy jointly control Six Moon Raker Space shuttles built with mid 1980's technology with improved heat shields, laser weapons and a 24 percent greater lift capacity. These along with Drax station will eventually be under joint U. S. Air Force, Canadian and British Navel command and use Marines from each of the countries as security forces.

The Drax's Corp. shuttle production line is currently just entering a planned 5 year mothball period, but can be made fully operational within 2 months.

The Soviet Union has the first two modules of the Mir space station in orbit and the rockets and parts to add two more modules within 3 months.

There is a large number of communication, weather and spy satellites in orbit of this Earth and Moon

In the next stable orbital position of Alpha, Mxyzptlk has put a copy of Jusenkeyo Earth taken from early in year 1990

The Imp took an interest in this world when a passing encounter with Martial Artists and local cooks living in Nerima Japan results in him spending a couple of weeks trapped as a powerless duck after being splashed with a magical water called instant Jusenkyo duck water and then washed with something they called water proof soap.

The fact that something existed in three space that could over ride a 5th dimensional being's powers intrigued Mxyzptlk and he quickly makes use of the tool loaned to him by the council to put a copy of this Earth where he can continue to have access, even after using the instant water from the original universe in a revenge pranks against the 5th dimensional council.

He plans to use the instant Jusenkyo water to set up a series of revenge pranks for the 5th dimensional council that he knows will cause them to block all access to the original universe.

The copy of the Jusenkyo Earth in an orbit around Myxtunia's Alpha he hopes will let him keep access to Jusenkyo.

Mxyzptlk purchases a large number of the instant Jusenkyo packets from the little old lady and then purchases human technology from the same world for building motion sensing water balloon guns for a planned untraceable revenge prank on the 5th dimensions Grand Council.

The attack goes off perfectly and as expected the 5th dimensional council's enforcers eventually traces the magic to it's home universe and isolate that universe from all 5th dimensional access.

This Earth and Moon put into orbit around Alpha unlike the first human world in the innermost stable orbit Mxyzptlk takes the several preexisting small moons and the 5th dimensional creature simply dumps them on the Jusenkyo Earth's Moon which bring it's mass up slightly and inadvertently giving that version of Earth's moon a significant atmosphere.

Notable Tech of Jusenkyo Earth
Standard 1990 computer and electronic technology, but it should be noted that in this world the popularity of Commodore, Acorn and Nintendo Entertainment System personal computers due mainly to a large number of martial arts “simulations” that are at least twice as great as they were in the standard reference universe and more importantly this popularity has been growing with the advent of the 90's 16 bit technologies.

Specialized Martial arts Aura or Chi manipulation training capable of producing near Wonder Woman levels of superhuman senses, speed, strength and toughness, but the high levels are very rare with <40 individuals per nation on average.

There is life energy manipulation and energy projection abilities possible, usually associated with Martial Arts, but the energy projectile ability is relatively Rare <10 per large nation on average.

Magic exist in several forms from various types of artifacts, potions and several types of powerful pool based transformation magic and very limited reality altering magic exist, usually associated with a limited use “wishing” artifact.

Power Armour technology that uses Chi based manipulation technology exist and is capable of enhancing low level martial artist to levels nearly matching wonder woman, this armour usually lacks energy manipulation or projection capability, but that might be more a reflection of the lower level experts skill than any actual limitation of the power armour. It is unknown if this power armour could be used by high level martial artist.

Food chemistry based enhancements are rare, but known and able to enhance low level martial artist to near Captain America levels of toughness, speed and strength usually with relatively minor side effect from long term use. (Excess hair or over muscled growth, odd smells, hair and/or skin changes, usually colour.)

Space Shuttle and Satellite technology and standard ICBM and SRBM style rocket technology common to the standard reference Earth in the mid 1980's.

The Amazon tribes in addition to very sophistication Chi or life energy martial arts manipulation techniques are also known to have developed advanced chi storage technology based on using carefully prepared wood usually in the form of staffs or canes. This advanced chi technology has given the Amazon's a means for life extension of up to 500 years.

The techniques are known to the Chinese government, but consider the extreme amounts of personal training from childhood and the side affect of causing age related dwarfism makes most outside the Amazon community consider this method of life extension a low value technique.

Several nations are in the prototype stage of mass producing synthetic crystal arm bands and leg bands designed to tune with a human's Chi or life energy and store some of what is released or broadcast and make it available for the wearer without the several years of extreme training normally needed to build up and learn to manipulate natural Chi reserves.
Space Assets at time of Copying

NASA has 6 operational shuttles. This Earth's Skylab was saved and is operational and as of the copying in 1990 is currently expanded by six converted external shuttle fuel tanks. Crew of 5

In a very low Earth orbit NASA is maintaining a collection of 18 external shuttle fuel tanks placed around a central solar powered Ion rocket, the three groups of tanks are arranged much like the cylinders from a six shot revolver. The Ion Rocket and it's empty tanks are currently in a near atmosphere grazing orbit as as a form of long term storage that keeps the tanks from cluttering low Earth orbit. If the Ion rocket or it's control systems fail the tanks would enter the atmosphere and burn up in 6 to 12 months.

The Space Station “Outpost” is a Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark station made of 4 purchased shuttle tanks attached to a central adapter carried into orbit by the Space Shuttle. This base was recently assembled near skylab and is currently being slowly moved into a higher orbit using a small conventional rocket thrusters. Crew currently two.

“Taxi “ is the name given to yet another shuttle external tank fitted with four strap on ion thrusters and bolted on solar panel “wings”. The hydrogen tank has been disassembled and the empty space is used as a covered, but unsealed cargo space. The oxygen tank has been modified with a small one person air lock and is a nominal air tight pilot's compartment, but is often used to hold small amounts of cargo that isn't vacuum ready. In spite of having a pilots compartment the Taxi is designed for robotic control and has made several successful robotic trips between Skylab, Outpost, Mir and Shuttles in orbit that don't quite reach Skylab..

Mir is operational and already twice as large as the version reached in the reference universe and includes an isolated tethered robotic solar furnace used for making microgravity materials and is crewed by 4.

DCAU Earth and Moon copy taken in January of 2005 just before the Batman, Wonder Woman and Green lantern time travel incident

Mxyzptlk uses the council provided tool to also make a copy of one of his favorite superman universe moving to a point in time just before Batman's, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern's time travel incident.

Mxyzptlk thinks Batman's trip through time causes a life changing event for Superman as the time travel causes Batman to change how he treats Superman. Sure an exact copy of the Earth being moved to another universe's yellow star and put into orbit around a gas giant is a life changing event for nearly every person on Earth, but it is less of a profound change for Superman and that is what is important to the 5th dimensional being.

Notable tech

Magic is commonly available only to the aquatic citizens in Atlantis, the other nations of this Earth are aware of magic, but have extremely limited access to magicians and magical artifacts.

All surface nations have cheap mass produced 2010 electronics/materials, expensively mass produced 2030 lectronics/materials, Hugely expensive production of small amounts of 2200 electronics/Materials.

Super humans are common and have access to limited amounts of super science technology at least two centuries ahead of the common tech existing across the planet.

Several almost magical alien technologies exist on this Earth the most powerful and most notable is the Green Lantern Rings. There is at least two of these rings that are initially limited because Mxyzptlk's artifact was unable to copy a power source to recharge the rings, but Wayne tech Industries working jointly with Queen Industries and using extensive research into finding these ring's few weaknesses create a highly experimental recharge adapter that “recharge” these ring with huge amounts of microwaves, light(Infrared to UV), electrons and gravitons that can be released and at least initially controlled by the will of the person wearing the ring.

Several Large space stations including at least one superhuman run Battle station and several small star ships exist in significant numbers, the star ships are limited to a cruise speed of 75 c and a maximum of 96 c for distance under 5 light years..

Fuel cell powered light Battle suit technology is available to the extremely wealthy citizens or largest states and even the law enforcement agencies of many of the wealthier nation states.

The Justice League has a large Battle station armed with a kiloton class or Battleship class particle cannon, point defense lasers in the low megajoule range and shield technology resistant to low kiloton range attacks.

Average DCAU surface nations are producing and/or maintaining
Limited numbers of heavy fusion powered multi-ton AI or VI assisted BattleMechs. < 5 per nation or megacorp.

Significant numbers of personal heavy Battle suits (Ton Class) exotic chemical batteries supplemented with atomic batteries for the larger nations special forces usually Virtual Intelligence assisted <100 per nation.

Mass produce light battle suits(Sub ¼ ton) or super soldier power suits usually exotic chemical battery with fuel cells for special forces with Expert System assist >10000 per nation.

Kilowatt range pulse laser pistol and laser or plasma rifles are available to the military, police and wealthy civilians. This varies wildly depending on the nation.

Near production examples of frigate class Railguns, coilguns and Laser beam weapons usually in the subkiloton range non-nuclear damage levels. This varies wildly from nation to nation Rail guns are the most common with even the smallest nations having at least one rail gun design ready for limited production.

Anti-grave technology is know to all nations, but only the top ten are capable of limited production, currently only the Justice League/Wayne Tech has mass produced gravity technology for their gunboats and Battle station.

Space Assets at time of copying

1 Justice league orbital Battlestation crew 200 easily support up to 400 usually ten Gunboats docked, has artificial gravity all decks.

24 Justice League FTL capable Gunboats crew 2 passengers 8 up to ten metric tons of cargo

2 NASA freedom style stations crew 20, up to 3 space planes has artificial gravity on less than a third of the station.

8 NASA space planes airport to orbit crew 2, passengers 4 with metric ton of supplies.

2 NASA interplanetary survey ships crew 5 can perform 2 second light speed hops (in orbit , but not yet operational.)

2 EuroStar space stations crew 8, 4 modules have gravity.

5 European space planes airport to orbit crew 2 passengers 3 with a metric ton of supplies.

4 Soviet Union Mir style station crew 8 one gravity deck.

6 soviet space planes airport to orbit crew 1 and up to two metric tons of cargo.

2 Chinese Space Station in orbit crew 5 one gravity deck. Sometimes reusable Rockets crew 0 three metric tons to orbit.

5 small multinational or single nation Skylab style stations most of these have no gravity decks and crews under 5, usually supplied by various types of non-recoverable rockets of varying payloads.

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